Real Estate Advisor

At the District PHX, we make Real Estate real easy. That means we do things a little differently. We’re looking for team members who are aligned with our values (+ our vibe) and love making profits while improving the community. 

Here at The District PHX our core values are simple. We are Driven, Creative, Trustworthy, Authentic, Community Focused, and Exceptional. Together we form a group of talented individuals who are highly dedicated, not only to the job but to the people inhabiting the historic communities we serve.


What do we actually do? In a nutshell, we help homeowners who need or want to sell their home quickly, regardless of the reason. At the same time, we help our neighbors protect their most important asset: their home, by revitalizing or rebuilding properties in harmony with the existing neighborhood. 

Why do we do it? Because we love helping people. We live by the mantra of investing in people, not just homes. The people we work with are our family. We love to see them achieve their goals. The people we partner with outside of our walls are just as important to us. After all, if we don’t take care of people who will? 

Bring your whole self. At the District PHX, we are the same at work and outside of work. We are fully authentic. We don’t put on a game face, we are the game face: motivated, committed, fun, engaging, passionate and accountable.


Your opportunity

This position is perfect for driven sales professionals ready to earn $150k or more in their first year. Our commissioned real estate advisors & sales reps acquire leads for properties to buy and develop relationships with investors to sell properties to. This position requires tenacity, drive, and discipline as well as the social skills to connect with homeowners and investors, alike.

Looking to become financially independent and grow your own long-term investment portfolio and wealth? This is the perfect starting point!

You’re a good fit if you’ve always…been business-minded and had a good head for money. If you’re self-motivated with an entrepreneurial spirit. If you’re over the status quo and love finding creative (and sometimes risky) solutions to help people. If you’re up for a challenge and like to be thrown in the deep end and are down for a trial by fire. Most of all, we like people who like people…sappy as that may sound.

You’re NOT a good fit if you…have trouble picking up the phone (or doing any necessary task) because it’s just so heavy (metaphorically speaking.) Ever heard the Terry Pierce quote about the matadors? If you think you want to be a matador and discover once you’re in the ring with 2,000 pounds of raging bull that what you really wanted was to wear tight pants and hear the crowd roar….then we’re not for you. We’re looking for people who are ready to do the job at hand, not just peacock around looking for glory.

You’ll want to join us, because with us what you see is what you get. We’ve got big goals, but realistic expectations. We want our employees to take risks, learn from mistakes, and own their jobs. We love our families and want to leave a legacy for them. We know that the real estate market is rapidly changing. And that’s a good thing. The old ways are good for realtors (they’ve got a lot of lobbyists who helped make it that way.) We’re not tied to a sinking ship. Instead our multi-pillar business thrives on change and innovation…and, of course, putting people first. 


This job is important because
It is a key part of our business development strategy. By connecting home sellers and investors and private lenders through our company, you’ll be helping us in our quest to help our neighbors protect their most important asset: their home, by revitalizing or rebuilding properties in harmony with the existing neighborhood. 


Applicants must bring:

  • An Arizona Real Estate License is not required to apply, but is required before starting this position.
  • Proven track record of setting and exceeding goals.


The fine print:

  • This is an in-office position with occasional loan closings on weekends.
  • Our office is located near 7th Street & Camelback and office hours are M-F, 9 to 5:30.
  • This is a pure commission position, but qualified, driven, successful candidates should be able to reach $150,000 per year in their first year with us.
  • Health Care Plans available through ReDirect Health and Sedera Medical Sharing Plans.


Contact Us Now

The time has come. Most people have stopped reading by now. That’s on purpose. We don’t want most people, we want the RIGHT people. If you’re still reading, you’re probably a good fit. That means there’s only one thing left to do: apply now. We can’t wait to meet you.